Ooooooh summer!

When we first took over the market we were worried about summer. Sure, it’s nice to run a market in the sunshine (although not too hot – those stalls can get sweaty!) but traders and customers alike go on holiday and markets have traditionally floundered as a result. Well, we’re rocking up to our 2nd summer market this year (24th August – bank holiday Saturday, no less!) and I’m pleased to say it looks like we’ve bucked the trend! The July market was our biggest yet, in terms of traders and one of the busiest we’ve had in terms of customers. PLUS the weather was great and everyone had a great time in the sun. It looks like we’re heading the same way for August too, with over 50 traders booked in for the big day (see the news section for a list of who’s coming) and lots of interest coming from new customers in Levy and beyond – now all we need is a bit of sunshine.

The only downside I can see with having had a great summer is this – how are we going to feel when we’re freezing in December?!

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