#marketselfie COMPETITION!

EDIT: In addition to the awesome prize below, the LOVELY folks at Oxjam Manchester have just donated two tickets to their festival in October for the winner!!

We all like a selfie, right? OK, perhaps when I get up at 6.00am to put out those market stalls (the sound of a thousand tiny violins chimes in the background) I’m not looking my absolute best and I tend to point the camera away from my face but I *do* know that Levy Market visitors are a bunch of Kardashian-level selfie lovers and we’ve decided it is time that your selfie creativity should be unleashed and rewarded with a big big BIG COMPETITION!

SO here’s the deal:

Come to t’market this Saturday and enjoy our astounding range of handmade and home loveliness, food and drink tastiness and shlurpy bar, cafe and street food goodness and while you’re there snap your very best, most creative #marketselfie! Tag @levymarket and use the hashtag #marketselfie on Twitter, do the same on Facebook (and tag us so you know you’re there) and Instagram if you do such things and you could be in the running for…wait for it…

£50 to spend at the market.



Do you even know how much cheese you can buy for £50? Do you know how much modern craft you could get your hands on? How much bread, how many plants, how many cakes, how much vintage swag? THIS MUCH (nsfw). Seriously, this is a good prize – you will get vouchers which you can spend any time this year too, so you could even hang on to them until Christmas and buy lots of presents for other people with them (yeah, RIGHT).

There is a bit of a process to this though, so listen carefully – we will chose three #marketselfie finalists – the best, most creative, most capture-the-spirit-of-the-market selfies on Sunday 3rd August and THEN we will be asking you all to vote for the selfie you think shows the most Levy-market-ness, with the GRAND winner announed at 12.00noon on Friday 8th August.

So are you ready? Are you pouting? Come to the market this Saturday and get #marketselfie-ing!

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