1st November – Food, drink, street food, bar

The fantastic handmade and home market will be on the train station car park on Saturday – 10.00am – 4.00pm.

Our handmade and home markets are always ABSOLUTE BARNSTORMERS – (nearly always) sunny days, fantastic traders, tunes on the go, but DID YOU KNOW that Levy Market always has a food offer, no matter what the theme? We’re good like that!

See below for the amazing food to take home, food to eat on the go and – of course, the café and bar – because, really, what’s more fun than shopping with a pint of ale or a quesadilla in your hand? And don’t forget to check out our line-up of handmade and home traders too – they’re a real stylish set.

Bobbys Bangers: The sausage kings! Expect flavours with punch and panache – @bobbysbangers

Coffee Cranks Cooperative: Organic and Fairtrade hot beverages, raw vegan snacks, soft drinks, cereal bars – @CoffeeCranks

Kawaii: Simply stunning cakes and desserts – @kawaiikupcakes

Lushbrownies: Chocolate brownies par excellance – @lushbrownies

Mio Pizza: Wood fired pizza – @miopizza

Retro Shots/Retro Bling: Handmade flavoured vodka and retro themed jewellery

Shindigger: GUEST BAR!  4 craft beers served through a mobile draught dispense system – Shindigger lager, 2 pale ales and a dark beer! Wooo! – @ShinDiggerBeer

Sweet Caroline’s Cakery: Freshly baked homemade cakes, organic goodies, plus a selection of tasty vegan and gluten free treats. Baked with love!

Trove: Breadtastic – the award winning bakers from the award winning Levy café – loaves, pastries, cakes and more – @trovebakery

Uprising Co-op: A bakery built entirely on the promise of free bread for life. Uprising is a workers co-op founded by bakers and cake makers passionate about reviving real bread in their community. We pride ourselves on exclusively producing spelt and slow fermented brea – @uprisebakehouse

Winter Tarn Cheese: Truly superlative dairy from an award winning farmer – Winter Tarn sell their organic cheese, monster eggs and freshly churned butter every week – @wintertarn

Wrapscallion: Warm toasted quesadilla wraps. Vegetarian, vegan options – @Wrapscally_co

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