Tuesday 30th November – Bridgeford Street Food Market – All the Stalls

Our next Bridgeford Street Market will take place on Tuesday 30th November, 11.30am to 2.30pm, on Bridgeford Street, M15 6FH. You can find us just off Oxford Road, next to the Manchester Museum.

Friends, there are now a mere THREE Bridgeford Street Markets left to go this year!

What’s that we hear you say? You’re one of those people who’s spent the whole term not getting round to heading down Oxford Road and transforming your Tuesday lunch hour into AN ADVENTURE into the outer limits of DELICIOUSNESS?

Throw yourself into some Nepalese dumplings! Gorge on some juicy wild game! Make an utter disgrace of yourself with a deluxe doughnut!

Come find us right next door the Manchester Museum for a street feast to see off November in style.

Here’s your stall list:

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