All the details for an action-packed market in Levenshulme on Saturday 30th November 2019, 10am to 4pm. Find us on the Levenshulme train station car park, M19 3AB.

Can you hear it? That distant rumbling, the one you’ve heard for the past few weeks? The one which you’ve noticed is getting louder. That’s the sound of the yuletide spirit galloping our way, already trampling well-balanced family finances, strewing plastic baubles far and wide, leaving a sickly trail of mull in its wake. That’s right, Christmas is coming and, try as you might, you simply cannot escape it.

So come and say a big BYE-BYE to the simpler times of November here at Levy Market! We’ll have streetfood from Mexico, Thailand, the Mediterranean and beyond. We’ll have knitwear, homeware, ceramics, cards and artworks from a selection of wonderful local makers. We’ll have all the locally grown seasonal fruit and veg you could need courtesy of Reddy Lane Market Garden, all the cheese you could manage courtesy of Winter Tarn Dairy and a selection of winter warmers courtesy of our pop-up Market Bar.

This week we’re also keeping the community-minded spirit of our Kindness Market alive, with Safety4Sisters, a group seeking to raise awareness of the challenges migrant women experiencing domestic abuse face, bringing along t-shirts, tote-bags and all the info you need to get involved. We’re also joined by Heart and Parcel, a local organisation which brings together women from communities via cooking and developing ESOL skills and who will be on hand with info about the good work they do and copies of their cookbook – PERFECT for that Christmas you were so worried about!

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