Thank you for an amazing 2018!

So that’s it! We’re all finished for the year, back again in March 2019 after our winter hibernation – during which we’ll be cooking up all kinds of exciting things for our 6th year as a social enterprise market.

From Christine, Vic, Sean, Ladislav, Joel, the Directors (Amanda, Chris, Paul and Sarah) and all the market staff, we want to take the opportunity to say the biggest thank you in the world to all who’ve supported us this year. We love that so many of you come out each week, whether it’s sunny, snowy or raining sideways, and it’s you guys who make the market such a wonderful, community-spirited place. We love your adorable dogs, puddle-splashing, ice-cream-slurping children and your insatiable appetite for street food.

Another huge thank you to our traders – they’re the friendliest, most talented and most loyal bunch. They put their heart and soul into the beautiful things and delicious food they make, and we’re very lucky to have them at our markets each week.

A big well done to our team, to the community stalls and local groups we’re proud to work with and to all the fabulous musicians and artists who’ve entertained us this year.

Ok, Oscars acceptance speech over. Have a properly amazing Christmas and we’ll see you lot in the New Year!

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