Levy Market Festive Five: Children & Family

We know this is something we bang on about all the time, but this year it’s more important than ever for people to shop local wherever possible for Christmas. Amazon, supermarkets and the bigger high street chains will most likely do well this winter, but for a small business in your neighbourhood, you buying a couple of stocking fillers can make the difference between whether or not they’ll still be around in the new year.

True, when it comes to presents, most kids aren’t always too concerned with how lovingly handmade their gifts are or the benefit its sale has brought to a local independent business. But these are also items of quality, intended to outlast the season and become something they treasure well into adulthood.

Except the chocolate, of course, which they’ll greedily jam down their gullets without a second’s appreciation.

So here are five items from our traders, each precision engineered to bring that touch of wonder to you and your family this Christmas, all of which you can order without leaving the safety of your home.

1. Cocoa-Nut Grove

You can’t go wrong with a great big slab of festive choc and these adorable bars promise to be a treat for the eyes before they get guzzled. To order, head over to Coco-Nut Grove’s Facebook page, have a browse and send through a message. Free delivery in Levenshulme.

2. The Gingham Flamingo

The Gingham Flamingo are always a big hit whenever they trade in Levy, with local parents flocking to snap up their handmade rompers, leggings and other children’s clothes. To order, just send a message via Facebook or Instagram or drop them an email. Free delivery in Levenshulme.

3. The Box

Christmas simply would not be Christmas without GAMES. The Box, an elegant collection of games and puzzles that are easy to learn, quick to play and fun for all ages, are all made right here in Levy. Free delivery in Levenshulme.

4. Stitch Sisters

Here’s a reliable favourite guaranteed to leave everyone involved feeling festive. Give that special child in your life a teddy bear, one handmade by Stitch Sisters MCR. You can feel proud, your local economy can feel a little more secure, and a child has an adorable new best friend for Christmas.

5. Little Badger

It’s in our interests that Levenshulme’s next generation are keen and skilled bakers, able to whip up a batch of loaves to sell at the market once a week. So why not help us out by picking up an adorable handmade aprons for your little one this Christmas. To order head over to Little Badger’s Facebook page and send a message. Custom orders available.

And remember, you can find a comprehensive list of those Levy Market traders continuing to sell their products here. You can also find regular recommendations on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts where you can keep abreast of all the latest Levy Market goings on.

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