Five Market Purchases for May | 07.05.20

Usually, on a sunny Saturday, we’d have a lovely market going on down here in leafy Levenshulme. There would be street food for you to eat, arts and crafts for you to buy, live music for you to listen to, community groups for you to learn about and friendly faces for you to meet.

But, due to the current coronavirus outbreak, none of this is possible at the moment. Like everyone else, we’re waiting to hear about when it’s safe for us to get back to work and back outside.

Although they may not be able to assemble and arrange their stalls for you to browse, our traders – our wonderful, resourceful, unstoppable traders – are still working hard to create their products and get them to you.

So, while the market is down, we thought we’d spend some time spotlighting a few choice items which you definitely would have purchased were we up and running. To kick things off, we’re highlighting some of our traders based right here in Levy.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t see anything here which grabs your fancy, you can find an ongoing list of all of our traders whose products you can still purchase here.

You can also find similar recommendations on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts where you can keep abreast of our traders’ latest goings on.

1. Blue Cheese and Bacon Burger from Rack

This Saturday Rack have a very special offer. They usually deliver their gratuitously loaded burgers during the evenings with slots quickly selling out. BUT this Saturday they’ll be extending their opening hours to 12-10pm AND between 12-6 it’s FREE DELIVERY in Levy. Head over to their Instagram for all the info.

2. Nata Tarts from Little Italy Kitchen

Little Italy Kitchen have been a staple at the market for years so for longterm customers these piquant tarts are the taste of Levenshulme Market. Now little Italy are doing FREE home deliveries in Levy of their traditional Italian goods as well as bundles of pasta, sauce and wine

3. Temporary Bear Tattoos from Lydia Meiying

We’ve picked these because who doesn’t love a lockdown tattoo, but in truth it’s simply impossible not to be charmed by all of Lydia‘s illustrated and patterned homeware, stationery and gifts, all lovingly created right here in Levy. 

4. Lime and Basil candle from Cedar

Would you just look at this. Wouldn’t you love *this* to be your lockdown mood. Now more than ever you should making time for yourself. With Cedar’s 100% soy wax candles, all hand-poured right here in Levenshulme, you can do just that. Free delivery for Levy locals – just use the code Levypost when ordering.

5. The Heart & Parcel Cookbook

Here’s a great way for you to support our migrant communities during the current lockdown. Heart & Parcel brings together migrant women to cook and develop ESOL skills here in Levy. And now they have a cookbook! As well as being a great resource each recipe comes with a story which gives more insight into the lives of the women Heart and Parcel do so much to support.

Remember, you can find a listing of all your favourite Levy Market traders who are still producing and delivering their products on our site here. If there’s a stall you can’t find on there make sure to check back as we’re updating the list daily. Or, if there’s a trader who’s missing and whose stuff you feel you just can’t live without drop us a line and we’ll see if we can find out what they’re up to.

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