Five Levy Market Purchases for May | 13.05.20

Although Levy Market is currently closed, here’s the good news: PLENTY of the traders that we all love and miss are still working doggedly to get their fine, fine products directly to you. A number of them were recently the subject of a big feature in the Manchester Evening News, where they described the journeys they’ve been through, from bustling (and award-winning!) markets to delivering their products direct to people’s homes. Spoiler: none of them have found it easy.

So, here’s a selection of five market purchases we reckon you would have made were we up and running as normal this weekend. If you’re thinking of treating yourself to any of them, rest assured you’re also doing your bit in a time of great uncertainty to support independent local business.

1. Samosas from Samosa Shack

Samosa Shack are simply beloved by our regular customers, so there was a collective sigh of relief locally recently when they began delivering their incredible samosas and other traditional Gujarati dishes. Get your Levy Market fix this weekend by heading to their Instagram for their menu (insider tip: try the vengan bateta) and all the delivery info.

2. Crack Pie from Lush Brownies

Those familiar with Lush Brownies know that, while they make some of the finest brownies you’ll experience, the real money is on the crack pie, as its name suggests, a treat so addictive it will leave you fearful of your desperate cravings for more. Having been quiet since lockdown, Lush are now gearing up for deliveries in Levenshulme and beyond later this week. Head over to their Facebook page for the menu and delivery details.

3. A Hand-Drawn Picture of Your Home from ThisisSianEllis

Here’s something you actually wouldn’t be able to buy at the market. Create a lasting tribute to all the time you’ve been spending in your home by commissioning a drawing of it with one of our regular art traders, the magnificent ThisIsSianEllis whose artwork is always worth your time.

4. Vintage Travel Posters from Bopcap Books

With none of us going anywhere right now, here’s a book to vicariously experience the halcyon thrill of world travel. Naturally, as this comes from Bopcap Books, our secondhand bookstall, there’s only one copy available. Luckily, they have a carefully curated selection of other similarly wonderful titles for sale.

5. Donation to Levenshulme Good Neighbours

Levenshulme Good Neighbours is a local charity that helps older members of their community here in Levy, including food deliveries and other essential support. They are now raising funds to keep this good work going during our turbulent times. Whether you can donate a lot or a little, all contributions will make an impact.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t see anything here which you fancy, you can find our ongoing list of all of those traders whose stuff you can still buy here.

If there’s a stall you can’t see on there make sure to check back as we’re updating the list daily. Or, if there’s a trader who’s missing and whose stuff you feel you simply cannot live without drop us a line and we’ll see if we can find out what they’re up to.

You can also find regular recommendations on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts where you can keep abreast of our traders’ latest goings on.

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