Five Levy Market Purchases for June | 03.06.20

Rain. It’s happening. The summer. It’s on pause. As a regular outdoor market we know this process only too well: just as soon as you’re settling in to having a run of nice weather, it has an abrupt change of heart.

Still, the good news is that it’s now officially INDOOR PICNIC TIME.

So here’s our regular selection of purchases which, if Levy Market were open, we think you would have been drawn to, all curated to bring bring the spirit of the outdoors into your home and some joy into your heart.

1. Quattro Formaggi Pizza from Cibus

This one is a no-brainer. We could have picked any of the sourdough pizzas made by Leveshulme’s very own Cibus, the market’s regular trader of Italian street food and, for many of our customers, the team behind the tastes of the market. This is comfort food, fresh and delicious, delivered direct to your door.

2. Mango Cheesecake Blondie from Nibble NQ

Rubbish weather? During a lockdown? There’s only one thing for it: you’ll need to TREAT YOURSELF. And there is no more treatsome a treat than these white chocolate brownies with a layer of mango and vanilla cheesecake marbled through the centre from Manchester heroes Nibble.

3. Cashmere Scarf from An Unexpected Artists

Although we’re advocating for some indoor fun while it’s chilly out there, you’ll still want to clock in for those daily walks in order to hold onto your health and sanity. Here’s a way to keep cosy in your neighbourhood in style. These cashmere blend scarves are handprinted with original drawings from An Unexpected Artist, one of our one-off fashion traders.

4. The Box from Around the Box

Here’s something from a brand new local trader, Around the Box. These mysterious boxes contain a collection of games and puzzles that are easy to learn, quick to play, fun for all ages and the perfect thing to transform your rainy afternoons stuck indoors into a memories.

5. Donation to a UK Anti-Racism Charity

Many of us will have spent the past few days watching the news and wondering what we can do. The UK has a number charities and organisations working hard to combat institutional racism, all of whom could do with your support. Here’s just a few.

Black Cultural Studies Archive

Black Lives Matter UK

INAR (Irish Network Against Racism)

Runnymede Trust

SARI (Stand Against Racism and Inequality)

Show Racism the Red Card

Southall Black Sisters

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

If there’s a stall you can’t see on there make sure to check back as we’re updating the list every day. Or, if there’s a trader who’s missing and whose stuff you feel you simply cannot live without drop us a line and we’ll see if we can find out what they’re up to.

You can also find regular recommendations on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts where you can keep abreast of all the latest Levy Market goings on.

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