Fire Evacuation Procedure | Levenshulme Market

Levenshulme Market

The following people are trained fire marshals:

  • Sean McAuley, Senior Market Operative

At least one of these marshals will be on site at all times and will take responsibility for the following, in the event of a fire:

  • Giving evacuation orders and supervising evacuations – if either of the fire marshals give the order to evacuate they must be obeyed under all circumstances.
  • Contacting the fire service and other emergency services
  • Tackling small fires

In the event of a fire:

  • ALL staff must report to a fire marshal for further instructions which will usually include:
  • All shoppers to be evacuated from the site in a calm and safe manner – EVACUATION POINT: Outside the front door of Al Waalis Restaurant
  • Regular stall holders to help us with the evacuation of customers – the following stall holders have agreed to this in advance:
    • Coffee Cranks
    • Winter Tarn Farm
    • The Buttery
  • All stall holders to evacuate the site in a calm and safe manner
  • No stall holders or customers allowed back on site until a fire marshal declares it safe to do so.