Changes at Levy Market this Weekend

You may notice a few changes at the market this weekend, following the government’s decision to remove most of the existing social restrictions yesterday.⠀

As many of our customers will be aware, for the past year we’ve been running the market slightly differently, asking that eating, drinking and socialising all take place away from the market, as well as around half the amount of stalls as you’d ordinarily find.⠀

This is no longer the case and enjoying some food, having a drink and meeting your friends and neighbours at the market are all once again very much welcome. All evidence suggests that outdoor settings represent the lowest possible risk for public gatherings – indeed the government’s current scientific guidance recommends people to attend them as an alternative to indoor gatherings where possible.⠀

However, please be mindful that your actions can still have consequences for others in our community. Covid case rates in Greater Manchester are increasing and, for a great many people, ‘freedom day’ represents a significant increase in risk and anxiety. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, get a positive test result or are pinged by the app, it is crucial that you not come to the market.⠀

If you’ve not done so yet, get vaccinated! Having your jab is quick, free and easy and represents the best protection for yourself, your loved ones and your community.⠀

We’re planning to continue offering our customers disposable face coverings and hand sanitiser each week. And for the time being our staff at the market will also continue to wear face coverings themselves while the market is open.⠀

While most of us would probably agree we’re not exactly out of the woods yet, this still feels like an important moment and we want to take the opportunity to say thank you for the support you’ve shown Levenshulme Market and all our wonderful traders over a decidedly rocky year-and-a-half-ish.⠀

Please reward yourself by heading our way this weekend, treating yourself to whatever else takes your fancy and, most important of all, enjoy one another’s company.⠀

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