Booking guidance for traders | Levenshulme Market

Take a look below for advice on using our webshop booking system and how to complete a great application. You can also find answers to your questions on our FAQs here, and please have a read of our Terms and Conditions of Trading before applying.

Using the webshop

The webshop works just like any other retail site, where you add products (in this case, market dates) to your cart. Simply click on a date, select your stall size and electricity options and click ‘add to cart’.

You can add multiple dates to your cart – you don’t need to check out after adding each one. You can make use of the ‘Back’ button near the top of the page, under our logo. The website should also remember the items you’ve saved in your cart, so you can navigate back to the list of dates in another way and your previously added dates should still be in your cart.

We do not request any payment at this stage, as you are simply requesting the dates you would like. The link for payment will be provided once we email to confirm which dates you’ve been allocated. 

Receiving confirmation of trading dates

Once we have received your application through the webshop, we’ll process your booking. This make take a few days, so please be patient. We’ll then email you with a full list of the trading dates you’ve been allocated, as well as which ones you’re on the waiting list for.

Your confirmation email will also include the total amount in stall fees owed and a payment schedule with details of the stall fees that will need to be paid in advance.

We allocate stalls based on a number of factors. We maintain a careful balance of stall types at all markets, to keep competition healthy for everyone and to offer the customer a fantastic variety of goods.

As a Community Interest Company, we may also prioritise traders from the local area. Other factors which may affect the allocation of stalls include electricity usage and stall size – we only have a certain capacity for power and space.

Above all, we want to bring customers the best possible variety of unique, quality and wherever possible, handmade or locally sourced goods.

When completing your application, follow this advice to give yourself the best chance of securing as many dates as possible:

  • Fill in all requested fields and upload documents where indicated (unless you are unable to)
  • Upload good quality, professional images of your products and stall setup if possible
  • Be specific when describing your goods/stall. What makes you unique? We’re more likely to allocate spaces to a stall whose description and images give us a clear idea of what they sell – rather than one with poor quality images where the description is one or two words like ‘jewellery’ or ‘hot food’. If you sell food, please give us details of example dishes on your menu.
  • Keep your description of goods concise, appealing and descriptive, limiting it to one snappy sentence (you can give us more information about your business in the notes section). This will be used to market your stall on social media etc. For example:  “Delicious Jiaozi dumplings and other Chinese street food treats” or “Upcycled, steampunk and vintage-inspired jewellery”