….and we’re BACK – bring on 29th March!

Courtesy of an early morning email from the council planning office, us Market directors now have a mighty weight off our shoulders and full planning permission for the best weekly market Manchester is yet to see! Good job really, since we now have a full compliment of stalls for every week until the end of May and we’re ready to start telling y’all what good things we’ve got to come.

Full listings for our first market are in three sections – food and drink, art, vintage and home and street food, cafe and bar and we’ll be profiling the best of the best over the next two weeks on Twitter so you can get a feel for what we and they are all about but in the mean time we have a few little changes we can tell you about that we think you might like:

  • The Market now has a MUCH extended seating area and loads and loads and loads of chairs for you to rest your weary shopping bones (before going back for more).
  • The Buttery, AKA Market director Neil Buttery (no, seriously, that is his name – it’s on all our official documents) is taking his best selling British fare and re-purposing it to form the Market’s very own Buttery cafe with even more seating – expect Neil’s usual excellent traditional pastries, sweet things and puddings, plus brews and soft drinks.
  • Joining Neil in providing Market sustenance will be our very own…wait for it…real ale bar. Every Saturday in Levy, Those Four Bar Guys will provide craft beers, wines, and drinks for da kidz (and da driverz).

Wooooo…. we hope you’re as excited as we are – all systems go, full steam ahead, set phasers to warp speed and LET’S GO LEVY MARKET 2014.

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